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Commissioner of Higher Education, Gujarat State, Gandhinagar through its initiative Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat (KCG) initiated the portal of e-journals. Faculty engaged in teaching at various Government and Grant-in Aid Colleges of Arts, Science, Commerce, Law, Education and Physical Education faculties are required to be engaged in research activity. University research journals are largely contributed by teachers of Departments of concerned University. The College teachers need a bit hand-holding to start the research activity. After deliberate thinking, it has been decided to start a portal of journals of disciplines like Humanities, Social Sciences, Science, Education, Multi-Disciplinary, Commerce and Management, for the teachers who have to start the research. Editorial Boards of various faculties have been formed. The papers should directly submitted as per submission guide to the concerned Editorial Board. After scrutiny of those papers; if found eligible; they will find its place on these journals.

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The Journals

1. The Journal of Humanity

2. The Journal of Social Sciences

3. The Journal of Commerce and Management

4. The Journal of Education

5. The Journal of Science

6. The Journal of Multi-Disciplinary

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